Comparison of LSCache With WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, and Autoptimize on GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights

Today in this article, we’ll be doing a comparison of LSCache with WP Rocket and other cache plugins. In one of our articles, we checked the performance of the site when LScahe was disabled and when enabled again. There was a significant difference so, let’s see how is the performance of LSCache against other plugins like WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, and Autoptimize.

I’ll be comparing on PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix as did in the previous article. First, we’ll look at comparisons by PageSpeed then GTmetrix.

PageSpeed Insights Comparison

I will be testing my site with dummy content in it and WP Ocean Theme installed. You need to activate each plugin one at a time and then perform these tests on your domain.

LSCache Test With PageSpeed
LSCache Speed Test
WP Rocket Test With PageSpeed
WP Rocket Speed Test
WP Super Cache Test With PageSpeed
WP Super Cache Speed Test
Autoptimize Test With PageSpeed
Autoptimize Speed Test

Let’s see the results in a table for clear vision.

LSCacheWP RocketWP Super CacheAutoptimize
First Contentful Paint (FCP)3.8 sec3.6 sec3.1 sec3.6 sec
Time to Interactive (TTI)8.4 sec8.1 sec8.0 sec7.9 sec
Speed Index5.2 sec5.2 sec4.7 sec5.3 sec
Total Blocking Time (TBT)180 ms150 ms70 ms60 ms
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)3.9 sec3.7 sec3.1 sec3.8 sec
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)0.0050.0050.0020.005
Overall Score68727973
PageSpeed Insights Results

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