How to host your WordPress website on CyberPanel?

Today we’ll be looking at how you can host your WordPress e-commerce WordPress website on CyberPanel. For this, you need to have a server that you can deploy on Cloud or On-premises.

Next, you’ll need a domain for your WP site. You can get the domain from Freenom, Namechimp, or any other domain provider of your choice. After having all of this, you need a DNS to resolve your domain to an IP address. Here we’ll see how to set up DNS and host a website on CyberPanel.

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1. Set up DNS on Cloudflare

In this step, we’ll look at how to set up DNS, especially A record which is the most fundamental type of DNS record. It indicates the IP address of a given domain.

Go to Cloudflare and log in to your account. If you don’t have one, sign up and then log in to your newly created account.

Enter the domain you have purchased and then click on Add Site button to proceed.

After adding the site you’ll be presented with the new screen asking you to select the plan. Select the last one that is free and hit the Continue button.

Now enter the domain you bought and your server IP address and then click Continue

Now, this is the critical step inactivation, copy these two nameservers given by Cloudflare.

Now paste these nameservers to the nameservers given by domain providers, we need to replace them with Cloudflare nameservers. After this, your DNS is set and it’s time to move to the next step which is installing WordPress on a CyberPanel.

2. Install WordPress website on CyberPanel

Now go to CyberPanel and log in to your account if you have already signed up or created a new one. After signing in to your account head over to Websites -> List Websites

Cyberpanel websites

As you can see I have two websites right now on the list, I am going to move forward with notaash.solveddoc.com. Click on the Manage button to proceed to the next page.

If there is no website listed on your page then you need to create a new website. Click on Create Website and come back to the same page after you create the website.

Now scroll down the bottom of the page till the end and you will see the Application Installer category. Over there, click on the WP + LSCache button.


Fill in the appropriate details and click the Install button. I have already installed it.

Install button

After this step, WordPress will get installed on your server.

3. Running WordPress on your server and Installing OceanWP Theme

Now when WP is installed you can navigate to your WP dashboard by <yourdomain>/wp-admin. In my case it’s notaash.solveddoc.com/wp-admin

WordPress website on CyberPanel

Fill in your credentials and Log in.

Navigate to Appearance -> Themes from your dashboard panel.

Click on Add New button

Now search the “OceanWP” theme in the search bar.

Hover your cursor over the theme and click on the Install button. After installation goes Themes section you will the OceanWP that is installed. Read about Bharat Result

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